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EOS Awards

Discussion in 'Breaking Game News' started by Eduardo, Apr 17, 2018 at 1:28 AM.

  1. Eduardo

    Eduardo Queens Park Rangers Staff Member Senior Administrator Donator

    We're at that time of the year again and we would love to get nominations for EOS Awards to honour our managers at TDE. I kindly ask every manager to PM me your nominations and very important: with a reason for each nomination

    This year we have following EOS Awards:

    Premiership Manager Of The Year
    Championship Manager Of The Year
    U21 Manager Of The Year
    Best Newcomer Of The Year
    Pondlife Of The Year
    Most improved Manager Of The Year
    Best Poster Of The Year
    European Manager Of The Year (Can both be european or english teams)
    Overall Manager Of The Year

    That's nine awards and since I'm the head chief of handing out these awards, I've decided to reward each winner with 2,000,000 credits.

    Let's say you got until wednesday 25th April to PM me the managers you want to nominate and by the end of the day, I'll put up three managers in each category you can vote for and after midnight you can start sending me your final decision for EOS Awards.
  2. flinty

    flinty Cardiff City Donator

    Cant I pick the Swansea manager then?