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General Housekeeping

Discussion in 'Breaking Game News' started by Murdock, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. Murdock

    Murdock Newcastle United

    Let me know if your missing medals, avatars or club name with profile? Also is your name missing from the website roster page? Plus anything else please reply with details below...
  2. ryanfield1

    ryanfield1 Everton Donator

    V_Moses 26 [​IMG] 1 11 22 10 27 300 158 568 873 1365

    Can Moses have a badge please
    If it’s not too much bother just when looking threw team and see him without one bugs me a little lol
  3. Eduardo

    Eduardo Queens Park Rangers Staff Member Senior Administrator Donator

  4. ryanfield1

    ryanfield1 Everton Donator

    Needs badges n trophy updates

    Europa League Winners From s19

    And need league cup adding from think s18

    Also Moses who’s on loan at rovers needs nationality badge if anyone bothers to update this sort of stuff anymore

    Much appreciated