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Goalkeepers - Confirmed Changes

Discussion in 'Breaking Game News' started by nocky, Apr 4, 2018.

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  1. nocky

    nocky Liverpool Staff Member Senior Administrator Administrator TDE Owner

    Ok, so there are 2 issues with GKs at the moment:

    1. The loan and youth restrictions make it very difficult to develop a GK to be worthwhile on the game

    2. Goalkeepers develop to ridiculous levels very quickly and stay in the game longer leading to an unlevel playing field. To demonstrate this, the top 31 GKs currently in the game are:

    1 x 34r
    1 x 32r
    1 x 31r
    2 x 30r
    1 x 29r
    8 x 28r
    5 x 27r
    6 x 26r
    6 x 25r

    This range doesn't exist in any other position and is probably the biggest reason for the gap at the top. It is probably no coincidence that the best 3 GKs are with the top 3 clubs from this season.

    In order to address this, and try to close the gap / aid development the following changes will be introduced. Hopefully everyone will recognise these as for the good of the game:

    Loan Rules:
    With immediate effect Championship clubs will be allowed to loan GKs up to and including a rating of 27

    Youth Rules:
    Goalkeepers can now play in the U21s as over 18s up to the point where they hit a rating of 24 as previously announced. However, at the point they "graduate" and become a 24r they will be promoted to the senior side and given a 2 main stat boost making them a 26r. Note - this ONLY applies when they are "auto promoted" as a 24r - not any time you promote a GK.

    All GKs
    One of the reasons that GKs are so highly rated is that they are not subject to the same age ab reduction and retirement rules as other players. Whilst this fits in with real life it is harming the game.

    Consequently, from the end of 19 (so not immediately), GKs will be subject to the same age reductions and retirement rules as all other players. e.g. They will lose 300 abs when they hit 33 not 36 and retire at the point they turn 36 - not 39.

    The exception to this is goalkeepers aged currently between 35 and 37 who will be 36 or over at eos 19 and would therefore retire with the new rules where they wouldn't have previously. We do not feel it is fair to give only one season's notice to these managers. Consequently, in these cases alone, the players will extend their retirements and retire at the subsequent age change - i.e. end of season 21 therefore giving their managers time to plan accordingly. The 8 GKs this affects are:

    These 8 will still be subject to age rerates along with all other players.

    As an admin group we realise this is a big change and have discussed it at length before coming to a decision. We hope that everyone will appreciate that these changes are for the benefit of creating a more competitive and enjoyable game for all.
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