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Season 20 - Cups

Discussion in 'Breaking Game News' started by nocky, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. nocky

    nocky Liverpool Staff Member Senior Administrator Administrator TDE Owner

    After the announcement of the team reduction, we're pleased to announce that we will continue with 2 cups next season.

    Both cups will follow roughly the same format which will be as follows:

    R1 - Bottom 8 clubs from this season. Basically the Championship minus Leicester City, Bournemouth, Manchester United, Sheffield United, Aston Villa & Leeds United

    R2 - The 4 winners from R1 plus the remaining 6 Championship sides plus the 6 non-European Premiership sides = 16 teams = 8 winners

    R3 - The 8 European sides plus the 8 R2 winners = Last 16

    R4 - QF
    R5 - SF
    R6 - F

    The only differences are that the League cup will have a 2 leg semi final whilst the FA Cup will have replays up to the QF stage
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  2. Eduardo

    Eduardo Queens Park Rangers Staff Member Senior Administrator Donator

    Cup will be in the same format in season 19